What we do

Multifill is specialized in:
Developing, processing, filling, packing and shipping of non-food liquids.

Cleaning and personal care products, such as:

  • Floor, sanitary and kitchen cleaners
  • Hand soaps
  • Bath foam and shampoo
  • Desinfectant gel and hand creams

Our markets:

  • Retail (Brands & Private label)
  • B to B
  • Automotive industry
  • Agricultural market (flowers & plants)


Multifill has the knowledge and expertise to develop and process your formulation.
We operate with strict safety, health and environment standards. Besides developing your formulation we can also assist you with your unique packaging requirements, which we will implement on our existing filling lines. In case this does not fit, we will find a solution and make it work for you !

Multifill is able to innovate quickly and efficiently


The mixing department is equipped with a wide range of production and buffer tanks. This enables us to mix your formulation in batches of 1m3 to 20m3.

As one of the few non-food filling companies in the Netherlands, we have the equipment to carry out all mixing techniques, heating and cooling, premixing, filtering, disinfecting and homogenising.

Each batch is produced in strict accordance with the preparation instructions which has been approved by the customer. Our company laboratories are fully equipped to analyse samples of the mixing and filling process. Results are recorded on an analysis certificate. In addition to the chemical properties, we also test microbiological activity, in case this is required.

Multifill can also process and fill flammable products.


The Multifill filling department consists of a wide range of filling lines. In general, each line is accustomed for a specific product range. Filling options range from 2 ml to 1000 litres.

Examples of packaging options are standard bottles, pump sprays, flexible packaging (pouches), trigger bottles, toilet cleaning bottles, soap pump bottles, dosing bottles, bottles for pucks, dispensing systems. All these types of packaging are currently manufactured by Multifill in large numbers. Is your packaging not listed here yet? We will be happy to accept every challenge!

Our production lines vary, depending on order size and packaging, from fully automated to manual for complex and specific products, or small numbers.


Especially in the consumer market, the strength of a product is captured in the packaging. Multifill is capable in offering a wide range of packaging services.

Perhaps you are contemplating selling in shrink kits, unit boxes, or in luxury gift packaging. All of this can also be done by Multifill. With various equipment and a healthy dose of creativity, we also have a solution for any of your packaging requirements.

By using a professional in-house flex worker system, Multifill has the ability to quickly scale up production, which has already proven itself over many years.

Multifill is structured to enhance creative partnerships


Multifill can match timely delivery schedules and is capable of shipping finished goods to its customers worldwide.

In case you would like Multifill to keep stock, this can be arranged. Through our large network of transport companies we can deliver your product quickly and efficiently to any desired destination.

For the most advanced logistics, Multifill uses both its own as well as external transport.